Nuvedo empowers wellness seekers by making available legitimate gourmet and functional mushrooms.


Nuvedo aims to be India’s largest functional mushroom brand by 2025.

A half-decade-long quest to find the ultimate food source.
A food source that is sustainable, nutrient-dense, and which has useful byproducts. This search culminated in the formation of Nuvedo. Deeply understanding food in every form and what it does to our body and mind.

How do we get readily available, abundantly grown nutrients from a species on earth that will remain unaffected by a complete food shortage or global shutdown? How does one ensure a circular economy with already existing resources?
Enter Mushrooms. While traditional methods existed, there was skepticism within the food industry while promoting fungi, and with a monopoly of button mushrooms in the country, our need to find alternate mushrooms came to fruition. We explored, experimented, and began to dabble with all varieties of mushrooms - medicinal, exotic, gourmet.
Most of our answers,
came with the exotic & medicinal mushrooms.
We at Nuvedo, strongly believe that mushrooms have the ability to change the world.

Our Values and Ethos


At Nuvedo, we believe that beyond all virtues, all practices, honesty and integrity is what keeps us grounded and afloat. With careful consideration of the right principles, we hold ourselves accountable using honest practices to solve problems.


We are focused on scientifically backed evidence and consistency. Our actions are well thought out, purposeful and oriented towards giving the best results whether it be from our business strategy to to our customer experience.


Whether it be in our work ethos or with customers, we take pride in finding opportunity and constantly taking in, user-driven feedback towards building a meaningful community. We believe that without empathy, and a receptive mindset, innovation would be impossible.


We truly believe our endeavours must outlive us. We work everyday towards ensuring that our products, our practices and our vision is sustainable and boundless.

The Team

NuMushTe to all.

Our team is a blend of mushroom aficionados, geeks, and marketing gurus who have dabbled in various industries. We’ve come together – with one common ethos to bring together and provide a new landscape of growth, diversity, and trust within the mushroom ecosystem. While we spend a lot of our time, exploring facets of mindfulness and fine-tuning the human body – we work as a fungal unit in all aspects.

Introducing our ‘mycelium network’ and our ‘fruiting bodies’ of Nuvedo


As an entrepreneur, yoga practitioner and mental health advocate she spent her time studying and observing the therapeutic and healing benefits of mushrooms. Calling herself a startup catalyst, she has founded startups in deeptech (QNu Labs) and now venturing into the agriculture space through a sustainable business model. Her greatest vision for Nuvedo is for people to bring back control of their food and diet through mushrooms. At Nuvedo, she ties back to communities of farmers and is hoping to build India's mushroom revolution.


A mushroom nerd, permaculturist, retail guru and nutrition seeker. He is an IIM graduate, with a bachelors in manufacturing engineering from BITS Pilani. He has a strong vision committed towards spreading the nutritive and therapeutic properties of mushrooms while building an ecosystem of trust with the community. His love for people, and passion for technology and roots in agriculture has evoked the birth of this organisation.

Head - Marketing

Heading our marketing activties in the digital space - he comes with diverse experience in the food and beverage industry. He completed his Masters in Marketing Management from IUBH University of Applied Sciences in Germany. He is continuously working towards building zero-waste practices and environmently friendly strategies in Nuvedo's outreach programs. He is a firm believer of the medicinal properties of mushrooms and hopes to make it accessible for mental health issues.

Head - Design

After completing her degree in design at NIFT, Bangalore she worked in the retail sector fine tuning her skills in visual merchandising. Now, set to take on the world of fungi and build a perception hardwired into the collective sentiment of the Indian people. She works in a collaborative way with new media artists driving awareness about sustainability through nature.

Head - Cultivation

He has spent the last few years exploring the world of fungi and wild foraging in the Himalayas. After living in Auroville, he learned about sustainability, and alternative farming practices that merge with permaculture. His interests lie in mycomaterials, mycoremediation and phylogenetic analysis of endemic fungal species of India.

Head - R & D

As a serial experimentalist and biologist his fascination with fungi began on the Appalachian mountains where he would often marvel at the hundreds of mushrooms seemingly appearing out of nowhere in fall season. With a masters in Stem Cell Biology from the University of Minnesota, he has gathered a deep understanding of the processes that govern the regeneration of animal tissues and the development of life. At Nuvedo he aims to unlock the hidden potential of the fungal kingdom.

Consulting Mycologist

Hari is Microbiologist by profession and a Mycologist by passion. He completed his Master's Degree in Microbiology from the Oxford College of science, Bangalore. Being one of the top Mushroom identifiers in India - he is a part of numerous (5) International and National Mushroom Identification groups. Goes by the name, IndianToadstool he helps Indian observers on iNatualist platform with identification of Mushroom observations. At the heart of everything, he is an educator and is focussed on spreading awareness about mushroom diversity. He believes deeply in the importance of Identification amongst general public from both academic and non academic backgrounds and hopes to make this citizen science grow in India.

R & D

Having caught the myco-bug during lockdown, as an amateur mycophile, Rayyan spent time learning the theoretical aspects and the ins and outs of mycology and mushroom cultivation. At Nuvedo he works with the R&D and cultivation team to bring some of the best strains and encourage endemic species to flourish in the ecosystem. Aspiring home-cook, avid gamer and voracious reader.

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