Lion’s Mane Mushroom Liquid Extract

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Struggling to ignite the spark in your mind? Experience the transformative power of our Clarity Lion’s Mane liquid extract, designed to ignite a mental resurgence and enhance cognitive function. Unlock your potential with this fast-acting elixir, harnessing the potent benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom to sharpen memory, boost creativity, and elevate mood. Embrace a revitalized mindset and enhance productivity with ease.

Enhance your morning ritual with our premium Lion’s Mane supplement, sourced exclusively from India, cultivated without chemicals, and guaranteed non-GMO for purity you can trust. Crafted solely from the fruiting bodies of these remarkable mushrooms, our organic Lion’s Mane liquid extract undergoes a meticulous extraction process utilizing ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) technology, alongside alcohol and hot water. This innovative method aims to optimize the bioavailability of Lion’s Mane’s beneficial compounds, ensuring you receive nothing but the finest quality with every drop.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Lion’s Mane liquid extract Supports:

  • Mental clarity, focus, and recall
  • Cerebral and cognitive function
  • Gut Health
  • Nervous System


Suggested Use:

Directions: Add your liquid extract directly on your tongue or into your coffee, smoothie, tea or water.

Serving Size: 2 ml. 1 dropper full is approximately 1ml, you can use this as a guide for the recommended serving size.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place


Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) fruitbody Dual-Extract, Vegetable Glycerine (>50%)

The Nuvedo difference:

  • All our mushrooms are grown organically in India
  • Our extracts are made using patented Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction technology for maximum bioavailability
  • Our extraction is carried out using both alcohol and water for the full spectrum of biocompounds
  • Each batch is lab-tested for heavy metals and microbial contamination to ensure your safety


Access the lab test reports here:


4 reviews for Lion’s Mane Mushroom Liquid Extract

  1. adityarao1502

    This is revolutionary. I cycled the extract for 10 days and felt an overall change in the way I work. I was able to collect my thoughts better, be more focused and was overall mentally energetic to take on more. All in all, great stuff guys!! 😊😊😊

  2. malexcher

    I had been feeling quite sluggish for the last couple of years. Pretty exhausted and lethargic.
    I lead an active lfestyle where I work out regularly and eat decently well but my condition didnt seem to improve. Thats when I stumbled upon the mycoverse.

    I have been using the Cordyceps tinctures along with the lion’s mane extract since August on alternate days.

    The immediate results were
    1. Brain clarity – The fog just lifted in a couple of days.
    2. Energy levels picked up almost instantaneously.
    3. Lesser bloating
    4. Sleep cycle adjusted to the circadian rhythm

    Results after 2 months
    1. Improved mental and physical performance
    2. Reduced inflammation and bloating

    The combo of lion’s mane and cordyceps is something I highly recommend.

  3. sharadrai.cse

    This is honestly the only palettable mushroom extract I have tried and I have tried many. Blends really well with your beverage hot or cold, but I have just had it straight up from the dropper.

  4. gokulraj

    I know reishi is more of anti anxiety than lions Mane, but for me on using lions Mane extract for a month, could see moderate improvement in my general anxiety symptoms.
    I also found it useful to take like 2 – 3 ml before some activity that requires intense attention.
    More palatable as someone in the reviews suggested.

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