Reishi Mushroom Dual Extract with Ashwagandha and Lavender

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Introducing the Reishi Herbal Infusion – a symphony of ancient wisdom combined with the science of modern-day extraction technology. Specially formulated with a dual extract of Reishi mushroom and Ashwagandha and Lavender which work synergistically to reduce stress* and improve sleep quality*. Our infusion is crafted from the finest organic Reishi mushroom-fruiting bodies that we grow using the best extraction technology available in the market. Every lab-tested batch of our infusion promises a journey towards wellness, stress relief, and an impeccable quality that stands out.

Reishi mushroom or “The mushroom of immortality” has been used in traditional healing for over 2000 years across the globe is the #1 best-selling nutraceutical mushroom species globally.


Why Reishi Herbal Infusion?

In the heart of bustling metro cities, amidst the demanding schedules and constant stresses, there’s a need for a pause, a moment to breathe, and a chance to connect. The Reishi Herbal Infusion isn’t just a beverage; it’s that pause, that connection, that return to nature.

Drawing from the legacy of mushrooms and their celebrated benefits, our infusion encapsulates the very essence of wellness. But beyond the tangible, it captures the intangible—the sense of calm, the touch of nature, and the soft whisper of the earth. Our infusion is carefully formulated to satisfy the Indian palette with a taste and aroma that will transport you back to grandmother’s sweet herbal concoction, evoking memories of your ancestry and the comforting flavors of home.

Our Promise:

  • Lab tested for your safety and efficacy
  • Proudly made in India using locally grown organic mushrooms
  • Made using the highest quality fruiting bodies without any fillers
  • Dual extraction methodology using water and alcohol for full spectrum of active compounds 
  • Rich in Beta Glucans (>20%) and Triterpenes (>4%) for best results
  • Proprietary blend of herbs for increased efficacy and better absorption


Usage Instructions:

For the perfect cup:

  • Pour hot water (80°C) into a cup.
  • Add 1-2 scoops (1-2 g) of the Reishi Herbal Infusion.
  • Stir well until the infusion is fully dissolved.
  • Add a sweetener of your choice, if desired.
  • To savor it cold, simply chill with ice before drinking.

Recommended Time of Day: Evening/Night


6 reviews for Reishi Mushroom Dual Extract with Ashwagandha and Lavender

  1. sumitkhurana828

    The best medicinal mushrooms extracts in the market
    Been using it for a couple of months and my sleep quality and overall health has significantly improved


    It immensely helped me with the quality of my sleep and brought my sleep cycle back on track..

  3. gokulraj

    If you are tired of experimenting with different green teas, black teas , white teas etc, try this one. A really good green tea substitute. Subtle immediate effects of calmness.

  4. afoe2020

    Calm and relaxing, makes better sleep

  5. rao.ashwini07

    One of the best products I have come across. I have been using this product for a while now. The first sip I had it I became a big fan of this product and I just bought it even without thinking twice. I started consuming the product as instructed every night. The solace, the soothing effect this drink had on me is beyond explanation. I gave this drink to my 5 year old child too. His immunity also improved. Kudos to the entire Nuvedo team for bringing amazing product like this to the market for the wellbeing of the humanity. You’ll keep going places team.

  6. kshitij_rai (verified owner)

    It seems like a renaissance era for mushrooms. There is so much rising awareness, and all with good merit.
    Gratitude to Team Nuvedo for making high quality, home grown medicinal mushroom products available in India.
    I bought the Reishi Mushroom Dual Extract with Ashwagandha and Lavender for a family member who suffers from a genetic issue which causes rheumatoid arthritis pain. We tried allopathy – the painkillers only gave a temporary relief by suppressing the symptoms with several accompanying side effects. Homeopathy and Ayurved also did not seem to work. The pain was such a big part of life that it was hampering routine daily activities.
    Even bending down to wear shoes was an ordeal.
    Half Curious, and half hopeful, I ordered the reishi extract, and within a week, we saw results which were no short of magical for us. Not only did the pain significantly subside, but the sleep quality improved phenomenally!
    I have been regularly taking the extract too, and I can say that I don’t remember having such peaceful and dreamy sleep in a long time.
    Thank you Nuvedo! More power to you for bringing more magical products through research and knowledge of mushrooms!

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