Mushroom Cultivation Supplies

At Nuvedo we truly believe in taking control of your health and healing. What better way to do this than growing your own food and medicine? Our mission is to bring the healing benefits of mushrooms to your doorstep.To assist you in growing your own mushrooms for food or medicine, we provide a range of products and tools designed to facilitate the process of growing  the highest quality mushrooms, whether for personal or commercial purposes. These supplies include items such as substrate, filter patch, grow bags, pasteurization powder etc. Our team does extensive research and regular trials to ensure that the quality of our products stays high.

Our products are designed to provide growers with high quality inputs needed to successfully cultivate the best quality mushrooms. We have detailed a FAQ section and video instructions to help you learn the best and easiest way to grow mushrooms. We are committed to see you succeed in your mushroom growing journey by sharing our knowledge and giving you the best inputs that you can get in the market. Drop us an email to avail discounts on bulk purchases.

Not sure which Mushroom Growing Kit to grow?