NuvoPast – Pasteurization Powder

NuvoPast - Pasteurization Powder

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NuvoPast is our proprietary pasteurization powder that ensures high yield and eliminates the need for a steam pasteurizer.

With years of R&D put into developing this recipe, we guarantee a yield and contamination-free substrate.
The powder contains certain compounds that can be classified as food grade.

Pasteurization is the process where the pH level of substrate is drastically increased to inhibit the growth of all unwanted pathogens and inactivate spoilage enzymes. We are giving a window of opportunity for the mushrooms to take over the substrate before anything else does. 


For Paddy Straw

Key Features

Pasteurization Procedure

Step by step guide:


STEP 1: Open your packet of Nuvopast and mix it into a bucket containing 3 liters of water and mix well. (Please do not add water to the powder as it can lead to splashing)
STEP 2: Add this solution to the larger container and keep adding water till you have 200 liters and mix well.
STEP 3: Wait for 10 minutes and mix once again.
STEP 4: Add 16 kg of dry straw (packed into the jute bag) to the container
STEP 5: Allow the straw to soak in the container for 20 hours
STEP 6: If you are using a lot of straw (without the jute bag) and you find that it is floating to the surface, use the metallic mesh with a brick on top to ensure that the straw remains submerged.
STEP 7: Remove the soaked material from the container and drain out the leftover solution in the straw for a good 20-30 minutes by leaving it on the metallic mesh or squeezing the meshed bag (or if you are using a spinner, spin dry it at 800-1000 rpm). It is perfectly normal for the color of your straw to change to brownish-yellow after soaking, so don’t worry there is no problem at all! Your substrate is now ready for inoculation!

For more information please visit our FAQ Section where we deep dive into everything you need to know about this process! 


1 review for NuvoPast – Pasteurization Powder

  1. Sidharth Jayaprakash (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying cold pasteurization. It worked fine. No contamination. The pink oyster spawn colonized my straw in no time.

    • nuvedo

      NuMushTe Sidharth!
      Glad to hear that your first cold pasteurization went well! We’re excited to see your harvests! Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

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