Mushroom Cultivation Kit | New & Improved

Mushroom Cultivation Kit


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Fairy White Oyster Mushroom Spawn
High Protein Oyster Mushroom Spawn
Pink Oyster Mushroom Spawn

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Dive into the world of home mushroom cultivation with our newly enhanced Mushroom Cultivation Kit! Designed to make the process as simple as possible, this kit caters to both beginners and experienced growers.

The key components of our kit are the filter patch bags, pre-filled with premium quality sawdust pellets that serve as the ideal substrate for a wide range of edible and medicinal mushroom species. The filter patch bags are a game-changer, maintaining the perfect balance of gas exchange and protecting against contaminants, promoting healthy, robust mushroom growth.

Our kit also includes a pasteurization powder and a high-quality spawn to kickstart your mushroom cultivation. Detailed, user-friendly instructions guide you through each step, ensuring you’re supported throughout your mushroom-growing journey.

Enjoy the satisfaction of cultivating your own mushrooms with our Mushroom Cultivation Kit. From setup to harvest, we’re with you at every step, making the magic of mushroom growth accessible and enjoyable for all. Embrace the experience of at-home mushroom cultivation today!

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