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Do-It-Yourself, fresh, organic mushrooms at home!

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Fairy White Oyster Mushroom Spawn
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Pink Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Item Description

Please note: Pink spawn is getting ready and we will be able to dispatch it by 7th January 2024

Nuvedo’s DIY Mushroom Growing Kit is a one-of-a-kind super easy-to-use, unique, premium, eco-friendly grow kit that helps you grow your own mini-mushroom farm at home. Through this DIY kit, we give you the necessary tools, usage instructions, videos, smart hacks and fun tips required for you to grow mushrooms at home easily, with locally available materials. Experience the entire process of mushroom cultivation from scratch, in a step-by-step guided approach, to make healthy and nutritious mushrooms accessible to you and your loved ones. 

Each DIY Mushroom Growing Kit includes the following:

  1. PP5 Bucket (10 L)
  2. Chopped Straw Substrate (800 g)
  3. NuvoSpawn Packet (250 g)
  4. NuvoPast: Pasteurization Powder (430 g)
  5. Information Pamphlet &  Cultivation LogBook 
  6. Micropore Tape (1 pc)

Grow your own Mushrooms: This kit enables you to grow fresh mushrooms in the comfort of your home and feed an entire family.

Easy-to-follow instructions: With this kit, anyone and everyone can be a mushroom farmer. No pre-requisites and beginner-friendly. Do-It-Yourself method of having a crop of mushrooms at home to harvest periodically. Easy to use information pamphlet explaining a step-by-step methodology.

Great Educational Choice: Help your kids to enhance their understanding of fungi and the mycology ecosystem through a hands-on approach to growing their own food. Play with different varieties of spawn, understand their process, and wear the hat of an amateur mycologist!

Best Suited: Ideal for hobbyists, crafty chefs, amateur mycologists, gardening gurus, mushroom enthusiasts, avid mushroom consumers, kids, and DIYers

Sustainable/ZeroWaste & Ecofriendly Gifting Option: All ingredients can be composted and organic and made using sustainable processes and the bucket can be reused. Mushroom Cultivation, especially growing and caring for fungi is a great hobby & stress-buster. And this kit makes a special and unique gift for all occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, greetings, and festivals.

Ideal for Stress Relief: Nuvedo’s DIY Growing Kit enables mindfulness and attention to detail which creates an environment of calm, reducing stress, creating feelings of gratitude, and enhancing self-confidence.

Kid-friendly: Sharing a unique experience with your kids, bonding over the journey, through a hands-on approach that helps to enhance the relationship with the natural world, and finally preparing the mushrooms together in a farm-to-table approach.

Through products and experiences like this, Nuvedo hopes to bring the healing benefits of mushrooms to every Indian household.


By default, we provide Pink Oyster Mushroom Spawn (Pleurotus djamor). In case you’d like another variety, please choose from the spawn dropdown above. If there is a particular variety, not listed that you are looking for, please reach out to us directly at

*Yield depends upon mushroom variety, the substrate used, and fruiting conditions

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Kit in action


6 reviews for DIY Mushroom Growing Kit

  1. Gopinath A Rao

    You haven’t said any thing about how much mushroom can be grown with the material provided with the kit…how many time can I harvest the mushroom

    • nuvedo

      The yield depends on multiple factors including the choice of substrate, growing conditions and species/variety that you’re growing. To give you a simple analogy, when purchasing a fruit tree sapling it is very difficult to promise how many fruits the tree will give once matured since it depends on – the care provided, soil quality, rainfall, pesticides/fertilizers used etc.

      Having said that, the DIY Kit can accommodate 1 Kg of dry straw which can, under 23-24 degrees and >80% Rh, give a yield up to 1.5 Kg (assuming 150% biological efficiency for Hypsizygus ulmarius). Hope this is able to answer your question!

  2. Chandrika mittal (verified owner)

    After purchasing the above diy kit and following the instructions as per the manual provided, to my surprise the mushroom pin heads started forming in less than 3 week. The quality of the kit esp the spawn and bucket is very good. The kit is definitely worth a buy.

  3. Chandni

    I attended the workshop about a month ago and got the oyster bucket kit. I’m a complete newbie to mushroom farming and the workshop helped cover all the basics and to do’s for starting your own mushroom cultivation. I saw the growth of the oyster mushrooms in less than 3 weeks!
    Overall i had a great experience, the instructions are concise and they are always available to help troubleshoot any of the problems or questions you may have along the way.
    I would recommend if you cover more of the harvest and post harvest procedures as well on your social media to get a complete picture.

    • nuvedo (verified owner)

      NuMushTe Chandni!

      Thank you for feedback and also for attending our in-person workshop. We will definitely post more detailed content on the harvesting aspect of the cultivation process, on our social media.


      Team Nuvedo

  4. Aaryan

    In the Video above, you placed two cut micropore tapes on each hole.

    What is the next step?

    Would the mushrooms pop out automatically disrupting the micropores
    is it a self identification process that the mushrooms are starting to grow and lets remove the micropores ?

    Second question :

    How and when to water the mushrooms ?

    • nuvedo (verified owner)

      Thanks for writing in Aryan.

      After bucket has been prepared the next step is to inoculate the pasteurized straw with mushroom spawn.
      After inoculation you need to leave the bucket undisturbed for 3-4 weeks till the mycelium can colonize all of your substrate. Post this, more often than not, the mushrooms will push the micropore tapes and make their way out. If you see that the straw has been completely colonized but no mushrooms are growing, you can proceed to remove the tape and proceed to fruiting.

      Spray the mushrooms 2-3 times a day. Avoid spraying on the mushrooms directly and spray on the bucket. The idea is to create a humid microclimate for the mushrooms to grow.

      Hope this helps. Have a great mushroom growing experience!

  5. nithingm31

    Started with the basic pink oyster DIY kit. I set it up in an hour and forgot about it for 3 weeks and lo and behold! The most beautiful thing I’ve seen growing in my own house. It looked so good my folks asked if we should pluck and eat in the first place.
    So I ended up ordering so muuuuch more that my folks asked me to stop feeding so many mushrooms. The entirely experience of cooking one’s own mushrooms is very gratifying. Amazing work done by the team at nuvedo!
    Prompt responses for every doubt I throw at them. Thank you guys! Hope many many more people get to try your products.

    • nuvedo (verified owner)

      NuMushTe Nithin!

      Thank you so mush for your valuable feedback! We are really happy to have you as such an active member of our Nuvedo Circle. We hope to continue to support your on your mushroom growing journey.

      Mush Love,

      Team Nuvedo

  6. saraharis91

    The growing kit was a lovely experience. What i love about nuvedo is how passionate they are about mushrooms and how humane they are as a brand. They will guide you throughout with your journey and suggest new experiments with your mini mushroom farm.

    • nuvedo (verified owner)

      NuMushTe Sarah!

      Thank you so mush for your kind words! It truly means a lot to us. We’re really glad you had a great time with the DIY kit, keep us posted on the results of your experiments.

      Mush love,

      Team Nuvedo

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