Fairy-White Mushroom Growing Kit

Fresh, exotic, functional mushrooms at your home.

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Nuvedo’s Mushroom Growing Kit is a hassle-free way to grow your own chemical-free, organic, vegan & gourmet mushrooms at home! Just open, spray daily with our little spray bottle, and in 10 days you’ll be harvesting your own mushrooms from the box and straight to your plate.
Nuvedo’s Mushroom Growing Kits are designed for kids, hobby growers, adults, mushroom enthusiasts, and mushroom consumers.

Garden to your plate – fresh, organic, oyster mushrooms

Temperature: For this variety of oyster mushroom, we recommend a temperature of 16 C to 26 C.

We are an environmentally conscious and sustainable brand aiming to be as carbon-neutral as possible. In case you do not want the spray bottle or would like the kit to be shipped out with minimal use of plastic.
Please do let us know in the comments during checkout with the words: “NO PLASTIC”


Fairy White Oyster (Pleurotus florida)
Pleurotus florida, a variety of oyster mushroom known for its pure white colour, unique texture and rich clusters!

Oyster mushrooms are the most versatile and popular edible. They have a nutty, subtle flavor that goes well in soups, stews, and sauces. Oyster kits are very reliable and tend to yield a big flush of mushrooms. Easy to fruit and are guaranteed to give you the first harvest. If the conditions are right and you take good care of the kit, it can easily give you subsequent harvests. Our mushroom kits will bring a newfound experience to observing, learning, and understanding the food you eat.

Key Features

Lets get started

Nuvedo’s Mushroom Growing Kit is a hassle-free way to grow your own organic, vegan & gourmet mushrooms at home!

Nuvedo’s Mushroom Growing Kit Steps

Garden to your plate – fresh, organic, oyster mushrooms

  1. Open the kit, open the box window, and cut a slit in the grow bag or an ‘X’ mark.
  2. Spray the kit twice a day with water with your Spray bottle (included).
  3. Keep in a cool, humid part of your home and outside of direct sunlight. We suggest putting it on a kitchen counter close to a sink. The mushroom mycelium is sensitive to the oxygen in the air and produce mushroom ‘pins’, within 2 weeks.
  4. Harvest before the caps flatten out and start becoming dark around the edges. Keep a close watch as soon as pins emerge. The warmer the environment the faster they will grow. Mushrooms should be ready to harvest 2-5 days after pin formation.
  5. Nuvedo’s Mushroom Growing Kit can provide multiple flushes. To know how please refer to our blog.

P.S. Remember to cook them thoroughly so that you can savour these delicious mushrooms.
If you’d like ideas, refer to our Mushroom Recipes for guidance.

Kit in action


Oyster Mushroom Curry Leaves Saute| NuvoBites




Fresh oyster mushrooms from Nuvedo’s Fairy White oyster mushroom growing kit

Ginger garlic paste- 1 spoon

Curry leaves- 1 sprig

Salt & Pepper- as required

Vegetable oil


1. Pull your oyster mushrooms into strips. You can also cut it with a knife.

2. Place pan on flame and add oil. Sautee the oyster mushroom strips until golden brown on both sides.

3. Add ginger garlic paste and saute for another minute.

4.Add curry leaves and continue sauteing. Sprinkle salt and pepper and switch off the flame.

Have it with an awesome dip of your choice

For more recipes visit our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCADlypQq9rABXaEZt9QSQeg

Nuvedo’s Mushroom Growing Kits are designed for kids, hobby growers, adults, mushroom enthusiasts, and mushroom consumers. The perfect way to bring fungi freshness and a range of delectable flavours into your diet.

Just open, spray daily with our little spray bottle, and in 10 days you’ll be harvesting your own mushrooms from the box and straight to your plate.

Watch these mushrooms come to life, and be a part of the journey of growing your own. The joy of cultivating your own food, the joy of spreading the spore and the joy of sharing the love for mushrooms.
Share this experience with your family, friends, children and bring home mushrooms straight into your belly.

For more information on growing please visit our FAQ Section


6 reviews for Fairy-White Mushroom Growing Kit

  1. Suyashi Srivastava

    Loved the concept of growing your own mushrooms. The process is indeed magical. Thank you Nuvedo! Excited about new mushroom kit varieties !!

  2. Rahul Bhasin

    Ordered the Fairy White’s last month and they turned out great! They were ready for harvest quite quickly. Loved the process of watching these mushrooms grow with my son. Thanks for making this super easy to use kit 🙂

    • nuvedo (verified owner)

      NuMushTe Rahul!

      We’re glad you had a great time growing mushrooms with your son. Thank you so mush for sharing your experience with us!

  3. christineq2017


    This was my first mushroom kit ever, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was! I was worried the kit would need constant babying for 2-3 weeks, when in reality I just sprayed the kit ~2 times a day (sometimes with even 12 hours in between sprayings 😅 I’m not the most attentive mushroom-parent) for about a week and a half before the mushrooms fruited and were ready to be harvested. Even then, I think I waited a little long to harvest, as the caps were drying out around the edges.

    I cooked the mushrooms in a pork broth, and they had an excellent flavor and texture.

    Looking forward to re-using/re-cycling the kit – right now I am trying to get a second flush and then after I will probably plant the block in some soil in the yard and see how that goes. Overall, I’m blown away by how something living and organic (and tasty!) can sprout from a shelf-stable box within a week, and then be self-renewable for as long as you take care of it. I’m excited to gift some kits to my friends and try out more for myself!

  4. sarthakbatham13 (verified owner)

    The mushroom growling kit is really beginner friendly, and resilient.

    • nuvedo (verified owner)

      NuMushTe Sarthak!

      Thank you for your feedback. We are glad you had a good experience with our growing kit!

  5. Samar Jain (verified owner)

    I have been trying my hands on growing mushrooms for about an year now but nothing’s been as easy as Nuvedo’s grow kits.
    This level of resilient spawn, I haven’t yet seen from any vendor in India.

    Kudos to the team! Mush love. 🍄

    • nuvedo (verified owner)

      NuMushTe Samar!

      Thank you so mush for your positive feedback! We’re really happy to hear that our kits met your expectations. Looking forward to seeing more of your growing adventures.

      Mush Love,
      Team Nuvedo

  6. SOHAN

    The fruiting bodies were small in starting but gradually they began to bloom in a mesmerizing way that i could possibly imagine of. The experience of growing mushroom was one of a kind ❤️.

    • nuvedo (verified owner)

      NuMushTe Sohan!

      Thank you so mush for sharing your feedback about our kit. We’re happy to hear that you had such an amazing time growing these mushrooms! Feel free to reach out to us for your future mushroom growing adventures!

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